CBSE Class 9 Science Practice Paper with Solution 2019: Set

By | February 13, 2019

Frequent revision with observe papers, pattern papers or earlier years query paper is very necessary for college kids. You can if truth be told lower your exhaustion through fixing increasingly questions in response to conceptual subjects. It is a complete strategy to observe for an examination.

For CBSE scholars of sophistication 9, who’re all set to take their faculty annual examinations, we convey right here the Science observe paper: Set-III. This paper is every other choose from the papers ready through material mavens at The CBSE Class 9 Science Solved Practice Paper 2019: Set-II has been designed to hide many of the necessary subjects of CBSE Class ninth Science.

Some of the questions from CBSE Class 9 Science Solved Practice Paper 2019: Set-III are given beneath:

Q. Name the traits of sound wave on which the next houses rely?

(a) Loudness

(b) Pitch


(a) Loudness will depend on amplitude

(b) Pitch will depend on frequency.

Q. What is the causal organism for Swine flu? What protecting measures must be taken to stop the unfold of such viral illnesses?


Virus (H1N1) is the informal organism for Swine flu.

Following are the measures that will have to be taken to stop the unfold of viral illnesses:

  • Spraying insecticides.
  • Cleaning of rubbish dumps, drains and sewers.

CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus 2019

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Science

Q. List 4 major processes concerned within the water cycle.


Four major processes concerned with water cycle are:

1. Evaporation: Water from oceans, lakes, rivers and different water our bodies get warmed up because of solar’s warmth and transformed into water vapour (fuel). Water vapour droplets sign up for in combination to make clouds.

2. Condensation: In this step vapour will get cooled down and turns again into liquid water.

3. Precipitation: Here water (within the type of rain, snow, hail or sleet) falls from clouds within the sky.

4. Runoff: The water from clouds falls down the hills, mountains, or different inclines to sign up for oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and many others. Most will infiltrate (soak into) the bottom and can gather as underground water.

Q. What is supersaturated answer?


Any answer containing extra solute than required to organize a saturated answer at any fastened temperature is named supersaturated answer.

Supersaturated answer is a meta-stable state i.e. it is going to stay in supersaturated state goodbye it’s left undisturbed. A slight disturbance (e.g. slight upward thrust or fall of temperature) will flip it right into a saturated answer. 

Q. A sheet of tin weighing 1 kg sinks in water but when the similar sheet is transformed into a ship, it floats. Why?


The density of tin is upper than that of water, so the sheet of tin sinks in water. But when the similar sheet of tin is transformed into a ship, a large number of air is trapped within the boat inflicting the common density of boat to turns into not up to that of water. Therefore, it floats on water.

CBSE Class 9 Science: Important Questions and Answers for Annual Exam 2019

Q. (a) What do you imply through selectively permeable membrane? Which of the 2 mobile wall or plasma membrane have this option? 

(b) State the purposes of plasma membrane. 


(a) A selectively permeable membrane is a membrane which permits the access and go out of a few decided on fabrics simplest. Since plasma membrane lets in only some or decided on fabrics to transport out and in during the mobile so it’s terned as selectively permeable membrane. Whereas, mobile wall does no longer facilitate the limited glide of fabrics so, it’s merely permeable.

(b) Functions of plasma membrane:

  • It holds the more than a few contents mendacity throughout the mobile.
  • It controls the motion of decided on components out and in of the mobile.
  • It is helping to maintains the form of the mobile.
  • It supplies coverage to mobile from microbes and overseas substance.

Q. Find out the false remark
(a) Golgi equipment is concerned with the formation of lysosomes
(b) Nucleus, mitochondria and plastid have DNA, therefore they can make their very own structural proteins
(c) Mitochondria is alleged to be the ability area of the mobile as ATP is generated in them
(d) Cytoplasm is named as protoplasm

Ans.  (d) Cytoplasm is named as protoplasm

Cytoplasm is the jelly like substance that occupies the distance between the mobile membrane and the nucleus. Whereas, the cytoplasm surrounded through the mobile membrane and enclosing the nucleus in combination represent the protoplasm.

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Practicing the CBSE Class 9 Science Practice Paper given above will assist scholars to grasp their conceptual weaknesses which they may be able to paintings on and support prior to the Class 9 Science Annual Exam 2019.

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