MBA Data Interpretation Questions & Answers – Averages Set-I

By | April 16, 2019

The idea of ‘Averages’ usually is available in the entire MBA front assessments. Therefore, it will be significant for the applicants to organize for this subject to crack the questions in response to averages. ‘Average’ can also be outlined as a measure of reasonable is a bunch this is standard for a collection of figures. This idea accommodates of questions of 3 varieties i.e. imply, median and mode. The aspirants get those questions in MCQ layout and 2-Three questions from this subject are anticipated within the examination.

Practise the questions about ‘Averages’ and get ready for the MBA quantitative flair segment of MBA front assessments.

1. In Resort Oasis, there’s a 3 storey development, and rooms are numbered from 151 to 180 at the first flooring, 231 to 270 on the second one flooring and 316 to 355 at the 0.33 flooring. In the month of October 2014, 50% rooms are occupied on first flooring, 40% on 2d flooring and 70% at the 0.33 flooring. If it is usually recognized that the room fees are Rs. 300, Rs 100, and Rs. 200 on every of the flooring, then to find the typical source of revenue in keeping with room for the month of October 2014?

a) 115.75

b) 125.50

c) 106.36

d) 99.87

MBA Quantitative Aptitude Basic Concepts – Averages

2. A teach in most cases covers a definite distance at a velocity of 120 km/hr. However, if it have been to halt for a hard and fast time period in every hour its reasonable velocity decreased to 100 km/hr. What is the time period for which the teach halts in every hour?

a) 10 mins

b) 20 mins

c) 6 mins

d) 12 mins

CAT Quantitative Aptitude: Basics of Averages

3. There are 84 scholars in block A of a residential faculty. Due to the admission of 26 new scholars, the bills of the mess build up by way of Rs. 62 in keeping with day whilst the typical expenditure in keeping with head decreased by way of Rs. 3. What used to be the unique expenditure of the mess?

a) 1500

b) 1266

c) 1350

d) 1398

4. A circle of relatives is composed of grandparents, oldsters and 3 grandchildren. The reasonable age of the grandparents is 65 years, that of the fogeys is 40 years and that of the grandchildren is 12 years. What is the typical age of the circle of relatives?

Learn CAT Quantitative Aptitude: Problems based on Averages

5. In a Mock CMAT, 103 scholars gave the impression and the typical ranking bought used to be 120. If the ranking of the toppers is eradicated from the typical, the typical ranking decreases by way of 1.5. Further, it’s noticed that the ranking of the highest 3 applicants is in integers. If the scholar status 2d has scored greater than 175 marks, then to find the best imaginable ranking of the scholar status 0.33.

a) 157

b) 162

c) 167

d) 173

6. The reasonable annual source of revenue (in Rs.) of sure team of illiterate staff is A and that of different staff is W. The selection of illiterate staff is 11 occasions that of different staff. Then the typical per 30 days source of revenue (in Rs.) of the entire staff is :

7. Of the 4 numbers, whose reasonable is 60, the primary is one-fourth of the sum of the final 3. The 2d quantity is one-third of the sum of different 3, and the 0.33 is part of the opposite 3. Find the fourth quantity.

a) 52

b) 48

c) 80

d) 60

e) None of those

8. The value of the Red, Green and Blue colors in keeping with kg is Rs. 20, Rs. 15 and Rs. 18 respectively. A development through which those 3 colors are getting used within the ratio of three:2:4. The reasonable value of the entire 3 colors used in keeping with kg is:

a) 18

b) 20

c) 17.66

d) 16.66

e) Can’t be made up our minds

9. The reasonable age of S and G is 35 years. If Ok replaces S, the typical age turns into 32 years and if Ok replaces G, then the typical age turns into 38 years. If the typical age of D and I be part of the typical age of S, G and Ok, then the typical age of the entire 5 folks is:

a) 28 years

b) 32 years

c) 25 years

d) None of those

10. Number of individuals within the higher space and the decrease space of parliament is 200 and 300 respectively. The reasonable age of the individuals of Lower space and Upper home is 40 years and 50 years respectively. A member of the Upper space leaves and turns into the member of the Lower space. Thus, the typical age of each the homes will increase.

Which one of the most following statements is right?

a) The age of this member is bigger than 50 years.

b) The age of this member is lower than 40 years

c) The age of this member is bigger than 40 however lower than 50 years

d) The age of the member is 50 years

e) Can’t be made up our minds


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In this segment we will be able to provide an explanation for the reason for opting for the solution bearing on each and every query. After working towards those MCQ(s), you could possibly be capable to perceive the ideas of Averages.

Explanation (1):

Explanation (2):

Explanation (3):

Explanation (4):

Explanation (5):

Explanation (6):

Explanation (7):

Explanation (8):

Explanation (9):

Explanation (10):

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